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Fan Community for Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests
A community dedicated the the podcast Voiceprint with Trevor Devall & Guests. Created do to the following Voiceprint seems to have on LJ and the fact that LJ user may not be too keen on joining the Voiceprint Facebook page.

Things you can post about include discussions of:

  • Specific episodes

  • Guests that have appeared on the show

  • Future guests you'd like to see

  • Show that have been talked about

  • Other topics that have been brought up in the show

  • ect.

Also, new episode announcements. If posting an announcement first make sure no one else has already posted about it and then try to remember to tag the post "new episode" when you post it, not after the fact. Similarly, do not post with the "new episode" tag if you are not posting a new episode announcements. This so that everyone can feel free to track the "new episode" tag (tracking notifications are only sent if a post is tagged at the time of posting, not if it's posted afterwards).


1) All the basic stuff. Play nice, no flames or harassment. No Spam. Warn if posting something NSWS.

2) Because this focuses on English VA's there's a good chance we'll have members who are only up to date with the dubs of certain shows (i.e. Bleach is only half way through the Bount arc, Naruto is still in it's fillers of doom portion, Code Geass R2 is only a few episodes in, GSD SE IV hasn't been released, ect.) Try to be aware of where the English releases of shows are and warn for spoilers! (Wikipedia is usually a good place to look, just go to the episode list for a given show and checkout the English air date column (Like This).

3) We all have our options about dubs (I certainly do). Feel free to civilly discus issues related to this (name changes, censorship, "americanization", ect.) but do not get nasty. Being irritated and venting is one thing (never get me started on the horror that is English Sailor Moon), but try not to cross the line.

4) This community is Yaoi/Slash/Shounen-ai/BL friendly. Period. You don't have to ship same sex pairings, but don't be rude to people who do. Moreover, blatant Homophobia is an Instant Ban.

5) Try to stay on topic. For now, I'm keeping the definition of on topic very loose. If it gets to be a problem, I may get more strict about it.